Tiny Striker


The most fun way to figure out football


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Tiny Striker is a super simple 3D football game where all you've got to do is score goals, score goals, and score more goals. That's your sole purpose. And to take a shot on goal all you've got to do is slide your finger on the screen.

The rounds in Tiny Striker are simple: you've got one minute to score as many goals as you can, trying not to hit the goalie and defenders as you do. The more goals you score, the greater your chance of winning the game.

Between one round and the next you can customize your player, sign with other teams, take a look at your stats, change sponsor, etc. To do nearly all of this, though, you'll need coins, which you can get by winning games and meeting your sponsor's targets.

Tiny Striker is a simple, direct, and fun football game with delightful graphics. Plus the game's got tons of different teams from Europe, so although you have to start out with an English side you can eventually sign with Spanish, Italian, or French teams, too.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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